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  • The Lounge • Re: New Sheriff February 25, 2017
    Cougarfan87 wrote:Can we stop using the term "liberal" to describe the left? They are not even remotely related to the essential founding concepts of true neo-classical liberalism--free speech, free thought, freedom from government interference in basic fundamental human rights. They are the left.That is correct. I have argued that exact point for years. Out of […]
  • BYU Football • Re: BYU-Tennessee add series February 25, 2017
    snoscythe wrote:Fido wrote:SpiffCoug wrote:I'd love to see it, but I'm still jaded by the Notre Dame deal. 2023 seems like a long way away for Tennessee to somehow not make it out to Provo.I'd love to see BYU schedule a series without someone making a comment about how the team is not going to play […]
  • BYU Football • Re: BYU-Tennessee add series February 24, 2017
    mormonrasta wrote:I just looked up how our best teams perform against "major" programs. Major is defined as Big 8/10/12, Pac 8/10/12, Big East, SWC, SEC, ACC, and major independents like Notre Dame.When BYU has finished the season ranked in a major poll, BYU's record against "major" programs is 31-21-1 .594 win pct. We have a […]
  • BYU Football • Re: BYU-Tennessee add series February 24, 2017
    I'd be more excited if our recruiting was better. I appreciate being able to play programs that significantly out recruit us like USC, Washington and Tennessee, but not in the same year. I'm probably in the minority, but I would rather beat Wyoming rather than lose to Tennessee.Utah and Boise State give us all that […]
  • BYU Basketball • Re: NIT Tournament February 24, 2017
    My prediction is #6 BYU at #3 Texas Tech. If we win, we play at #2 Houston.Utah will be a #4 seed and host Colorado St. or SDSU, in #1 TCU's bracket.BYU and Utah wouldn't meet until New York.Statistics: Posted by YNot — Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:17 pm